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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You can drive a car with low tires but you won't go as far. Similarly an unoptimized web site won't appear as high in search engine results.

KPP can help optimize your website for search engines through SEO and SEM.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method of improving both the volume and quality of visits to a web site via normal (organic) links from search engines.

This is achieved by making page headers, URLs and content more relevant to the keywords potential visitors are likely to search for in Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines. The result of well targetted SEO is that optimized pages show higher up in organic search results, ideally in the top half of the first page. It sounds simple and to a point it is, but to be most effective it has to be done a certain way. That's where we come in.

SEM, or search engine marketing involves setting up paid link campaigns through programs such as Google AdWords, the Yahoo! Sponsored Search, etc and crafting well targetted landing pages on your site. Campaigns are easy to set up but without properly designed landing pages to guide the visitor they're likely to go for the back button and leave. KPP will help by creating high quality landing pages for your site to encourage customers to stay and ideally convert into a sale, lead, etc.

What is Pagerank? Can it help?

Yes it can, but it's not quickly achieved or guaranteed. Search engines consider links to a website to be a popularity indicator. The more links, the better the site must be. To measure this popularity, Google for example uses a system called PageRank, whereby a site gets a rank of 0 to 10, the higher the better.

The popularity of the sites linking in is also considered. Therefore having a few links from well ranked sites is as good as lots of links from low ranked sites, though they're all worth having.

Unfortunately there's no reliable shortcut to a good page rank. It takes time and effort to obtain links from relevant sites. Therefore it is key to recognise these sites and work with them.

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